PAVLICH KICK A BAG: The team’s leading goal kicker for a number of years, the skipper has spent way too much time in the midfield and it has shown. He needs to reassert his presence up front and use some of that strength to kick a bag, preferrably more than I can count on one hand. He needs to fire if Freo want to win.

SANDILANDS + BARLOW COMBO: It seems like years (oh, wait a minute…) since I saw Freo big man Aaron Sandilands tap the ball to Mickey Barlow during a ruck contest. They were such an effective tag team in the early parts of 2010, but injuries to both in the last two years has rendered this combo virtually out of order. These two need to be firing and working like synchro swimmers to give the forward line first crack at the ball.

THE SOLID BACKLINE: Much has been said about the depth of the Freo backline this year with the addition of Zac Dawson from St Kilda, but it needs to gel pretty much from the word go. If Luke McPharlin, Dawson and Michael Johnson can create a tall and solid backline, it will give an opportunity for runners like Greg Broughton and Garrick Ibbotson to push into the midfield.


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