FORWARD LINE FIX: Mark LeCras is out for the season, Mark Nicoski has months on the sidelines ahead of him and Josh Kennedy is trying to prove his fitness after a foot injury. Forward stocks for the team at this moment are lacking, and players like Josh Hill and Gerrick Weedon will need to plug those holes quickly if the Eagles want this season to go the same way as the last.

VETERANS FLYING: Dean Cox, Daniel Kerr, Darren Glass and Quentin Lynch. Four big names for the blue and yellow are four who need to be among the best players on the ground on Sunday for their team to succeed.

THE NEXT GENERATION: I’ve heard a lot of ums and ahs about the draft picks in recent years, players like Andrew Gaff and Jack Darling have done reasonably well since recruitment, but others like Scott Lycett, Brad Sheppard, Weedon and Koby Stevens havent done all that much since being picked up, and need to step up to the plate to prove themselves before the veterans of the club retire.


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