There isn’t much insight that I can bring to this particular round two clash.

Besides the games involving the two new teams, this is probably going to provide the most lopsided result in the league for this round.

The two teams couldnt be more different after just one round. The Eagles are flying, the Demons are stuck in mud. The Eagles have a win, the Demons a loss. The Eagles have kept their focus on tomorrow’s game, the Demons have had off-field controversy plague them this week. The Eagles have an unchanged team, the Demons enough changes to make your head spin.

The tale of the two teams alone is a telling predictor about just how this game is going to turn out. When Melbourne came to Patersons last year, they went home with a 54 point belting, and if they can keep the margin to that, they would have done a good job.

If the Eagles can go about their work like they did against the Bulldogs, it should be a pretty one way street. Feed Kennedy the ball, keep the big men mobile and keep the midfield in the middle of the play should be the aim of the home team. The Eagles have the stronger team across the board and its hard to see which, if any, match up would work in the Demon’s favour.

I can see this margin being a big one.

My prediction: West Coast by 47.


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