The Western Force showed me up big time last week.I predicted a massive thumping in last week’s game against the Reds, but predicted the wrong team would be doing the smacking.

It was like the men in blue were possessed. I caught the second half after the AFL and could not believe this was the same team who was sitting at the base of the ladder. Regardless of what is going on with the Reds at the moment, The Force finally showed some grunt and power, and should be pumped coming into tomorrow night’s game against the Chiefs.

The Chiefs may have won twice as many games as the Force, but after such a crushing win last week, its hard to predict which Force team will come out to play. Its a long trip from New Zealand to Perth, which will definitely play in the hands of the home team.

The Force literally need to wind back the clock to last week and play in exactly the same way if they want to pull out another victory and get their season back on track after a shaky start. Despite how keen they will be to bring the win home, I think the Chief’s might have them on this one.

My Prediction: Chiefs by 7.


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