West Coast Eagles v Melbourne Demons (APRIL 7, 2012)

NO MERCY: The Eagles had their year at the bottom and copped their penance for it, before clawing themselves back up the ladder in the very next year. They know what it is like to be the team that always gets kicked, which is why they should show no mercy to the Demons from the starting whistle to the final siren. In a season that many predict is going to be a tight one in the top eight, positioning could come down to how well they take their chances against the weaker teams like the Demons. They need to belt them, and they need to belt them hard.

MORE FROM NIC: Nic Naitanui is the proverbial boy at the Eagles, but for my liking he hasn’t lived up to the hype yet. Doing one or two amazing things in a game is not going to make him one of the elite. I would rather see him put in the hard yards and do 20 little things in a game then take one spectacular mark or one amazing goal. If he can work on the smaller things more, I can see him becoming a much more potent weapon


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