I had three of my favourite teams playing on Saturday night, but none gave me high blood pressure like the Perth Glory game.

Settling myself to watch the Perth Wildcats, my phone was at the ready getting updates on the minor semi-final game against the Wellington Phoenix. And man, were there a few instances where I almost had a heart attack.

The first was the goal by Dutch defender Bas van den Brink smashed home a goal in just the 13th minute. Part of me was finally able to believe that we had done it, and would be heading to the grand final qualifer. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be.

Adding to my apparent heart attack were the ulcers caused by two quick goals to Wellington, which put them up 2-1. Now I was starting to get nervous that we had thrown away a perfect opportunity to get in the championship game.

But, if there is one thing the Glory can’t be called, its quitters. Fuelled by the desire to make it further then any other Glory team in the history of the A-League, Billy Mehmet struck the ball cleanly in the 72nd minute to level the scores and send the game into overtime.

And wasn’t the overtime amazing. An arm wrestle from beginning to end, the hero of the day was Perth substitute Todd Howarch, who scored the winning goal with a few minutes to go to put the Glory into the qualifying finals against the Central Coast Mariners next Saturday,

I was shaking for hours afterwards, but it was definitely a massive game for the Glory, and one that should give them massive amounts of confidence leading into next week’s game in New South Wales.


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