There weren’t many positives that could be taken out of Fremantle’s defeat to Sydney on Saturday night, especially in the first half. The team were as flat as I had seen them, fumbled the ball consistantly, couldnt take a mark, and their defence was definitely not at the levels i know they can play at, especially after how they played last week.

40 points down at half time, I was almost scared to think how big the margin would be at the end of the game. To their credit though, the boys came back in the second half a completely different team. Maybe it was the inclusion of Michael Barlow or maybe it was a spraying from the coach, but they came out searching for blood and began what was to be a massive comeback.

Despite going down by 13 points, I think Ross Lyon would be a lot less angry then he otherwise would have been if they had continued to play shit football for the entire match. The team can now look to rectify with a game against the Brisbane Lions at Patersons, where old versus new in Mark Harvey and Ross Lyon will go head to head for the first time in what is bound to be a ripper game.

What I Liked About the Game
THE COMEBACK: However badly they played in the first half, the comeback was truely amazing. Docker’s teams of the past would have given up after half time and that margin would have blown out big time, but to their credit they fought back and almost pulled off an unlikely victory. This new-found fight could mean the difference between a loss or a win in future games, and is definitely a good string to have to their bow.
MICHAEL BARLOW: Definitely a crowd favourite regardless of where he goes. Pre Michael Barlow throwing off the vest, the Dockers were playing some absolutely shit football. The minute he steps foot on the ground, the fight back began. Definitely one of the leaders of the team and still has a massive impact on the outcome of a game after his injury.

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