One sentence can some this game up.

West Coast played like 2012 finals contenders, Melbourne played like they would give Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney a run for the wooden spoon.

The Eagles didnt just beat Melbourne, they systematically destroyed them, with an even spread of goal kickers and more than a handful of possessions between them. The only things they will be sweating on is an injury to Andrew Embley and the Match Review Panel looking at hard nut Beau Waters.

There is not much more I can write about this game, as it was basically a glorified training session for the Eagles, who will be expecting more of the same when they take on Greater Western Sydney next week.

What I Liked About the Game

NO MERCY: I called that they would have to do it and they did it perfectly. Percentage will be a coveted thing in this year’s competition and a smashing of this proportion will go well on the way of helping their cause.

SPREAD OF GOAL KICKERS: It is something that every team strives for and the Eagles achieved on Saturday afternoon. 25 goals were kicked by the home team for the match, with 12 goal kickers sharing the honours. More of the same and the Eagles could be an unstoppable force this year.


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