I dont know whether to be grateful the Dockers got their second win of the season or to wish the game had never happened.

Firstly, I dont think I have ever witnessed a more boring game, especially in the first three quarters. It was scrappy, unskillful football with the Dockers seemingly unable to find the middle of the two big sticks. A home game against Brisbane should have been an easy win, but they definitely made a tough go of it. They seem to have brought their form from Sydney back home with them, and need to kick it fast before they get to St Kilda on Friday night. Add to that the maybe-season-ending injury to Nat Fyfe and part of me wishes the game had never happened.

Luckily for the team, they seem to have gotten their act together in the latter half of the third quarter and into the fourth, and ended up with a comfortable 29 point win. At one stage I didn’t think either team would get to 50 points thats how bad the game was. Credit where credi is due, the Fremantle defenders did an amazing job, limiting Brisbane to just 5 goals for the match, 2 points for the last quarter and Jonathan Brown to a big fat 0 goals 3 possessions for the match.

More positives was the return of David Mundy, who had an immediate impact when he was subbed on for Fyfe and looked like he has never missed a game, as well as Clancee Pearce, who kicked three goals and put foward a good case as to why he should be a permanent lift off the rookie list.

What I Liked About the Game

THE CROWD: Who says the Purple Army are ferals? The game hadn’t started, the Dockers were still in their change rooms, and the crowd was up on their feet, giving former coach Mark Harvey a standing ovation. It was good to see him acknowledge the love from the crowd, who genuinely loved having this man as coach and didnt like the way he was sacked.

ONE SPECIFIC MIDFIELD PLAY: There was one play in the fourth quarter that sent shivers down my spine. A goal had just been kicked. Sandilands took the bounce, tapped the ball straight into the hands of Michael Barlow, who did a little shimmy and a little shake, got away from the opposition and kicked the ball straight into the forward fifty. It was amazing to hear the gasp of excitement from the crowd at this one little play. Its been too long since it happened.


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