It’s the question on everyone’s lips at the moment. What will happen with Nathan Fyfe?

The young midfielder got sandwiched between two Brisbane players on Saturday, falling roughly on his damaged shoulder and popping it out of place again. He was subbed out of the game and since then the team has been playing a coy will-he won’t-he game with the fans and the media regarding whether he will play on Friday night.While the official team line is that they will wait for a specialist to check it out today to find out how long Fyfe needs to spend on the sideline, the team is quietly confident he will be available on Friday for the St Kilda game.

Im taking a bit more of a pessimistic look at it, preferring to believe that there is a 99.99% chance that Fyfe won’t play this week, or the next couple for that matter, but this is definitely one of those times where I hope that I am wrong.As for the game itself, predictions are it is going to be a dirty grudge match as the fans and players “welcome” back Ross Lyon for the first time since he walked out on them last year.

You can expect the St Kilda players to come out hard and looking to draw blood against a team they have beaten the last eight times, albeit with Ross Lyon at the helm. One thing that people continuously say in matches like this is that the Dockers will have the upper hand because Lyon has the inside knowledge on the Saints.I don’t believe that though. As soon as one coach leaves, anything he knew about the team at that point leaves with him. A new coach means a new strategy and there is only limited information Lyon can give to the Dockers that would provide helpful against the Saints.

While I would dearly love for the Dockers to notch up their first away win for the season, I think the Saints will be pumped from their thumping of the Bulldogs and looking to inflict more pain, especially against Ross Lyon.

 My Prediction: Saints by 30.


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