I have to say that I, and the team officials, would probably feel less than 100% impressed with the result of the West Coast versus Greater Western Sydney game on Sunday afternoon. Im not saying that they’re not happy with the four points, because of course they are, who wouldn’t be, but I think they were expecting so much more than what they eventually were given.After the absolute belting the Eagles handed out in the first quarter, part of me wondered whether they could get to the magic 200 point mark, but it wasn’t to be.

They played well, but let the foot off the gas. After beating Melbourne by more than 100 points and watching North Melbourne decimate the Giants by the same big margin, Im sure the Eagles would have gone into the game expecting another big win.I know that injuries played a part in the game, with Daniel Kerr going down with what looked like a corky and a couple of other minor injuries meant that the team went easier to stop further injuries, but you can be sure they would have hated their fourth quarter effort.

Leading into the match West Coast had won every quarter of their first two games, and you can be sure they thought a team like the Giants wouldn’t break that streak. I could think of a lot of other teams the Eagles would have preferred to lose that streak to, such as the big match against Hawthorn on Saturday.n the end, while the 150-69 win is more than impressive enough to ensure the Eagles are on top of the ladder at the end of round three, I doubt the win would have been quite as satisfying as the first two.

What I Liked About the Game

LUKE SHUEY: 5 goals and 25 possessions. Shuey took the initiative early in the game and showed why he has been touted as a superstar of the club and if he keeps playing games like this one he will have more then enough credentials to be a future leader of the club.

CHRIS MASTEN: Was taken third in the 2007 AFL draft but didn’t show any of his potential in his first few seasons. He had 30 possessions and three goals in the win, giving fans a sniff as to why he was chosen so early in the draft. Needs to keep up this new found fire to prove he deserves to stay in the team and not be relegated back to the WAFL.


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