West Coast Eagles v Hawthorn Hawks (APRIL 21, 2012)

TOP TWO TEAMS AT IT: It is hard not to get excited about the prospect of the Leagues current best teams going at it for the points so early in the season. This game will be a good indication as to which of these teams is the real deal this year and which has just had an easy run to this point.

FIRST PRESSURE: It will be interesting to see how the Eagles react to their first real taste of pressure for the season. Their first three opponents, the Western Bulldogs, Melbourne and Greater Western Sydney will arguably be battling for the last four spots on the ladder along with the Gold Coast. While to their credit they haven’t been complacent given their opponents, it will be interesting to see how good the team is against quality opposition.

DANIEL KERR: There is no denying this guy has been a star of the game for many years, but his impact on matches has lessened due to injury and the natural ageing process. After receiving an injury against GWS, it would be good to see him getting out on the park and proving to the younger midfielders on both teams that he should be discounted at their own peril.


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