Now I know why the expression first past the post came into existance: to describe this very game.

To say this is going to be a close match is probably an understatement. Eagles are flying, undefeated after 6 rounds. Essendon are the surprise packet of the season so far, only dropping one match, a one-point ANZAC day thriller. On paper, these two teams match up pretty evenly. Both are struggling with injury, but both have players that can tear the opposition apart given half the chance.

While the Eagles will definitely be confident going into the match, they dont have the best run at Etihad Stadium. The only just beat Richmond there a few rounds ago, and their round 1 match against the Bulldogs was anything but convincing, If they want to win this match, they’re going to have to play a lot better under the roof then they have in the past.

There isn’t very much more I can say about this match without seeming biased towards either team. They are so evenly matched that for my tipping I literally just flipped a coin and came out with Essendon to win, and only because they’re playing at home. While I would love to see the Eagles continue their unbeaten streak, i think it would be healthy for the game to have four, possibly five teams (depending on the Sydney result) all on 6 wins 1 loss and fighting for that top spot. It would make for one hell of a season.

So with that in mind, my prediction: Essendon by 3.


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