As an almost fanatical Fremantle supporter, it pained me to see the last two games and the thrashing the team received in both. Even so, I still think the media maul on Ross Lyon has been a tad over the top.

It is hard to expect a new coach, after just six months at the helm, to have the team at a position where they are challenging for the premiership in his first year. When Lyon moved to Freo he brought with him a new game plan. Granted that game plan has its detractors, but it is very hard for a group, who has been used to running a particular game plan for years, to suddenly switch over to a completely different mindset. In my opinion, it will take most, if not all, of this season and the next pre-season for the team to feel completely comfortable running this particular type of game.

And before the detractors start going on about how bad the game plan is, I agree. Most games I’ve been more than a little bored watching. But the point is, after nine rounds, the Dockers still have a positive win-loss record with 5 wins 4 losses, which is why I don’t quite understand the call for blood. As I said before, it is going to take a lot more than 9 games for the team to feel completely comfortable and enthusiastic about a new style of game.

In saying that, there are a some tweaks that need to be made now in order to avoid further blow out losses. The biggest is the goal-kicking problem, and what scares me most is that there doesn’t seem to be a clear fix for it. Chris Mayne has done alright this season, but a team cant rely on a small defensive forward to kick most of their goals. It is a problem that needs fixing asap if they want to get back on the winners list. The second is their midfield. They have some big names running through there, but they seem to be ineffective. Fremantle’s midfield is continuously being beaten for the ball and the fact of the matter is, if the midfield doesn’t get the ball, its virtually impossible for the forwards to kick goals.

This weeks game is a must win in every sense of the word.Adelaideare flying this year, and will be looking to bounce back after losing to Collingwood last week. Fremantle have the home-ground advantage and will need to take full advantage of this and runAdelaideinto the ground if they want to take away the four points.

My prediction: Crows by 14.


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