West Coast v Brisbane. What to say about this game that could give any insight into the match? Eagles are on top of the ladder, Brisbane, despite a brave come back against North Melbourne last week, continue to flounder near the bottom, where they have found themselves for the last few years.

There is not much the Eagles need to be prepared for. Yes, it is an away game and playing at the Gabba is never easy, but the difference between the class of these two teams means it should be an easy one for the Eagles to win. I think they will attack this game hard. They pretty much have to with Essendon snapping on their heels. Every game they play where they come across opponents on the second half of the ladder, such as Brisbane, they will need to smash. A win wont satisfy them, they will need to give them an absolute mauling. Every game now is a battle for percentage to keep the top spot. Capitulate to a lesser team, even if they win, and it could mean Essendon leapfrog them and take top spot. With the Dons taking on Melbourne this week, it will be the team who hands out the biggest hammering that will take top spot on the 2012 ladder.

There is not much to their game plan that the Eagles have to change. The only issue I think Worsfold will bring up is their waywardness in front of goal last week. That is twice in two home games that wayward kicking has been a major factor in the game. If they can start kicking accurately, it is hard to see the Eagles not winning by a large margin.

My Prediction: Eagles by 44.


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