As much as I would like to see otherwise, I am not liking the possibility of the Dockers pulling off a victory in this weeks match againstRichmond.

The Dockers have had a less than successful history against the Tigers, especially when playing inMelbourne. Regardless of where the two teams are on the ladder,Richmondalways seem to have the upper hand on their home turf, winning the last two by 49 and 19 points respectively. The Tigers have actually won the last three out of four matches against the Dockers and are fast becoming Fremantle’s bogey team.

As it is, this game is a must win for both teams if they want any chance of staying in touch with the top eight. You would think that whomever losses this match can pretty much kiss their chances of being in the finals goodbye. Ross Lyon has swung the axe, getting rid of swing man Paul Duffield, Zac Clarke and Jack Anthony (possibly for the last time) for the match, bringing in Jon Griffin as a back up for Sandilands, Nick Suban after a hiatus back to the WAFL to get some form and Adam McPhee from injury. None of these players are make or break for the team, who will be going in with almost a full strength list of a-graders (minus Nat Fyfe) and will be confident that they can overrun a rampaging Tigers unit.

The only silver lining I could possibly give the Dockers right now is that they might be able to take advantage of the Tigers who are at the peak of a frenzy regarding their form. It could be a possibility that the Tigers have gotten too far ahead of themselves and are expecting the win on Saturday and therefore not playing as hard as they could possibly do, but given their recent form not only against the Dockers but this season, it is hard to see the Tigers give that up easily. A team that has had very limited success in a number of years is not just going to cough up a hot streak without a fight.

While the Dockers are my favourite team and the Tigers my second, it is hard to see Fremantle coming over the top of Richmond, especially at the MSG.

My Prediction: Richmond by 30.


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