Well, I said in my post last week that in recent history the Lions had the upper hand over the Eagles and it seems history played a big role in West Coast’s loss toBrisbane.

It was hard not to laugh in incredulity when the Eagles lost the game in the last minute. There has been a few games where the Eagles have just crawled over the line in close games, namely against Richmond and Hawthorn, and I kind of got used to the idea that they were incapable of losing the close ones; that they would just find a way to win the game. That’s why I couldn’t help but laugh at the way the Eagles actually lost the game; a massive 60+ metre torpedo from a Lions’ midfielder which bounced through a vacant goal square and into the goals. It was almost as if fate WANTED the lions to win, guiding that ball through the goals however it was kicked. Im pretty sure one of theBrisbaneplayers could have kicked an over-the-shoulder ball and it still would have gone through the big sticks.

In the end it was an unlucky loss by the Eagles, but despite a few minutes in the third or fourth quarter, they never actually looked like winning. Even when they were out to their biggest margin of the match, I still had the inkling thatBrisbanewasn’t done with yet. It isn’t every week that we have that many upset wins and im sureBrisbanewould have taken some spirit from theMelbourneand Port Adelaide wins to drag them over the line. While the Eagles fought valiantly, I think they just did not try hard enough, if that makes sense. It’s almost as if they anticipated an easy win over Brisbane because of their standing on the ladder and didn’t actually put any effort into achieving that win.

The Eagles have the bye this week, which I think is perfect timing for them, giving them a chance to rest up before they take onCarltonat home next Thursday night.

What I Liked About the Game

Chris Masten: Put in another solid showing with 27 possessions and a goal. I’ve noticed this year he is becoming a much more consistent player then he was and finally showing his true potential. If he can keep it up the team will be better for it.

Matt Priddis: Probably one of the most underrated midfielders in the competition. He pulls in huge tallies week after week and continued this with 27 possessions againstBrisbane. Flies under the radar quite a bit, which can only be a good thing.


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